Annual Giving

The Darrow School Annual Fund

The Annual Fund is the single most important fundraising tool that Darrow has, and allows you to directly benefit the daily lives of our students and faculty. 

Whether providing new library books, supplies for the Joline Arts Center, tools for Hands-to-Work, or uniforms for the soccer team, each gift increases the School’s ability to provide an exceptional education in a close-knit community that honors its historic legacy—qualities that make a Darrow education unique.

Darrow Makes… the difference.

Darrow is a Maker School. Our students make friends. They make their beds (we hope). They make bookcases and apple cider. They make commitments, honor roll, baskets and goals. And financial support from alumni, parents, and teachers like you, make all this possible. Your gift to the Annual Fund is an investment to secure today’s and tomorrow’s Darrow.   This shared sense of understanding and appreciation inspires the support necessary to ensure Darrow remains the most nurturing learning environment it can be.

This year’s Darrow School Annual Fund goal is $485,000, to be met by June 30, 2016. Please help us do the most possible for Darrow by making a contribution our secure website today . 

Join your fellow alumni, parents, and friends of the School and make a difference today.

On behalf of all the students and faculty at Darrow, thank you for your support.

Giving Clubs

Wickersham Associates



Heyniger Society



Tannery Circle



Whittaker House Associates



Head of School’s Circle



Center Family Society



Hands-to-Work Society



Questions? Please contact Alexandra Heddinger, Alumni Relations and Annual Fund, at (518) 794-6007 or (518) 794-6007, and she would be thrilled to help you.