Darrow Traditions

Convocation: It’s a beautiful ceremony in the fall that marks the start of a new year and celebrates the senior class as School leaders.

Hands-to-Work: No other school has anything quite like our Shaker-inspired tradition of meaningful collaborative work. Caring for our campus and volunteering in the community, students gain skills, enjoy teamwork, and feel rewarded by their efforts.

Tuesday Night Community Event: Every Tuesday we gather for a family-style meal followed by an educational program. Programs cover a range of topics that may affect our community – from student leadership topics, diversity, culture or health. 

Friday Morning Meeting: Friday Morning Meetings are a time when the entire school joins together for reflection. It is a silent meeting, where we quietly consider our place in the world.

The Freshman Experience: In addition to a welcoming orientation at the start of the year, our first-year students enjoy their own special retreat in March to a nearby outdoor activities center, where they spend time together reflecting, playing games, and learning from team-building activities. 

Maple Fest: Celebrating the arrival of spring and the running of the sap, Maple Fest features syrup making, tractor rides, a barbecue, and a variety of outdoor games and activities.

Spring Term: Darrow students wrap up the school year with weeklong Spring Term seminars. Small groups of students, guided by faculty members, embark on such experiential learning opportunities as teaching school children in Belize, boat-building in New Hampshire, and learning about the region’s flora and fauna by biking in the Berkshires. 

What creativity means at Darrow

It means connecting imagination to action. It means learning the technical aspects of creative expression. And it means taking risks and taking responsibility. Darrow School’s modern, dedicated facilities for visual and performing arts enable students to develop their creative potential in many disciplines. Traditional areas of study are taught through an active curriculum that emphasizes experimentation, discussion, project development, and interaction with the environment.

See how the right creative environment makes anything possible.

Darrow students in action

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