Life on the Mountainside

Every day at Darrow you will see students working hard, individually and in groups, but you will also see people taking time to relax, talk, laugh, listen to music, play, and just be friends. 

Everyone at Darrow is joined in the common cause of education, but people here care about each other and the feeling of sincerity and good will is noticeable from the moment you arrive.

What creativity means at Darrow

It means connecting imagination to action. It means learning the technical aspects of creative expression. And it means taking risks and taking responsibility. Darrow School’s modern, dedicated facilities for visual and performing arts enable students to develop their creative potential in many disciplines. Traditional areas of study are taught through an active curriculum that emphasizes experimentation, discussion, project development, and interaction with the environment.

See how the right creative environment makes anything possible.

Darrow students in action

Darrow Video