A Message from Darrow's Head of School

I was speaking recently with Amelia, a young alumna who had returned to the Mountainside for a visit in the opening week of school. With a beaming smile, she told me about her career at a nonprofit health service organization near her home in upstate New York.

As she talked enthusiastically about the many successes she has experienced since graduating from Darrow, she expressed gratitude for the confidence she gained, for the problem-solving skills she honed, and for the commitment to community that she cultivated here. Amelia’s story is not uncommon. I often hear similar stories from Darrow graduates who are using the knowledge, abilities, and values they acquired here to become their best selves.

For nine decades, Darrow has been transforming the lives of students like Amelia—students who want to be both engaged and challenged academically with an active curriculum. Our students also want college preparation that is relevant to their interests, and values them for who they are while also prompting them to discover who they can become.

Each day at Darrow, in and out of the classroom, our students meet those challenges head on. They encounter irresistible invitations to learn in supportive, individualized settings and in small classes. They receive personalized attention from caring teachers, advisers, tutors, and coaches. They learn, work, play, and live with an exceptionally diverse community of people from around the nation and the world. And they come to appreciate the significance of sustainability, innovation, and industriousness through programs like Hands-to-Work, as did the Shakers who first built this community.

As you journey through our website you will have a chance to see for yourself how Darrow can help you become your best self. I invite you to visit our extraordinary campus and experience firsthand the remarkable place that is Darrow School.


Simon Holzapfel
Head of School

What creativity means at Darrow

It means connecting imagination to action. It means learning the technical aspects of creative expression. And it means taking risks and taking responsibility. Darrow School’s modern, dedicated facilities for visual and performing arts enable students to develop their creative potential in many disciplines. Traditional areas of study are taught through an active curriculum that emphasizes experimentation, discussion, project development, and interaction with the environment.

See how the right creative environment makes anything possible.

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