Why an active curriculum

At Darrow, learning is hands-on, minds-on work. 

Students actively engage all types of subject matter through discussion inside the classroom, and direct experience outside the classroom, where they conduct experiments, perform project-based assignments, and use the Darrow environment as a living laboratory. Darrow students are active participants in their education. 

Darrow’s active curriculum also means that students support the community by working both on and off campus. Darrow students are busy in our cafeteria helping to make lunch for their classmates. They are outside making maple syrup. And they are in local schools helping children in early-reading programs. Our students work 100 hours each year in the community. 

We embrace this philosophy of active learning for many reasons, but mainly because it is proven in helping students to grow, gain confidence, and make significant developmental leaps.

This is because when students are inspired to action they become engaged in their own learning. Once set in motion, their momentum is guided and channeled by our faculty, catalyzed by our campus, and encouraged by the deep friendships that form at Darrow.