Non-Competitive Sports

Darrow offers at least one noncompetitive sports option for each season. Options include:

Outdoor Education, offered fall and spring, with hiking, rock climbing, camping, snowshoeing, and other activities.

Fitness and Conditioning in fall and winter, in which students use our renovated fitness center for cardio and strength training.

Winter Alpine program for students who want to ski and snowboard at nearby Jiminy Peak Mountain Resort.

Theater in fall and winter for students who want to build teamwork through stage production.

Yoga (Co-ed) classes are held in co-ed groups, either inside or outside depending on the season and conditions.

Mixed Martial Arts (Co-ed) classes combine techniques from different disciplines to build strength, stamina, and flexibility in addition to fighting and self defense skills.

Independent/special electives vary by year and season. Past electives included martial arts, mountain biking, and horseback riding. Special permission required by application elective.