Athletics at Darrow

Darrow teams play to win, but they also play to have fun, work hard, learn team play, improve skills, and stay healthy. In fact, athletics at Darrow is another aspect of a Darrow education: Hands-on, engaged, and actively involved.

Competition allows each one of our athletes to experience the fun and intensity of competition, the joy of building skills and improvement, and leadership on the field and within our school community. 


Darrow’s indoor facilities include a full basketball gymnasium with a climbing wall and a fully equipped fitness and training center. Outdoors, we have tennis courts, fields for all outdoor sports, cross-country running trails and mountain bike courses. Nearby ski resorts such as Jiminy Peak make skiing and snowboarding easily accessible.

Structure and schedule

We compete in the Hudson Valley Athletic League (HVAL) and New England Preparatory School Athletic Council (NEPSAC) athletic organizations. Darrow’s athletic programs run all three seasons of the school year, with competitive sports and noncompetitive electives. Every student participates in all three seasons, and must choose a competitive sport in at least one of them.