Registration Forms & Information

Darrrow School forms for 2015-2016 are located below. Some can be completed online this year, while others require printing. If you do not have consistent internet or printer access and require hard copies mailed to you, please contact Lorrie Wechter, 518-794-6006.

The registration paperwork is separated into three sections. Section A includes documents that need to be printed and mailed back to us. Several require your health care provider to complete and sign. Section B has forms that should be completed online. Section C provides information on schedules, programs, and student preparation for the year.

All forms are required to be received by Darrow School no later than August 10, 2015. Your child will not be allowed to complete registration, stay on campus, or start classes until all forms are received.

Section A 
Please print these forms to be completed by student, parent/guardian, and health care provider:
A1 - Immunization
A2 - Health Record
A3 - Order for Prescribed Medication
A4 - Mandated Health Care Agreement 
A5 - Parental Waiver 
A6 - Mandatory Permission for Treatment
A7 - Transcript Request 
A8 - SDA Information - Domestic Students
A9 - SDA Information - International Students

Section B
Please complete these forms online:
B1 - Communication
B2 - Parental Permissions
B3 - Arrival Form

Section C
Please review these important informational pages:
C1 - Business Office Cover Letter - Domestic Students
C2 - Business Office Cover Letter - International Students
C3 - Meningitis Information
C4 - Registration Schedule (to be updated shortly) 
C5 - Darrow Essentials

What creativity means at Darrow

It means connecting imagination to action. It means learning the technical aspects of creative expression. And it means taking risks and taking responsibility. Darrow School’s modern, dedicated facilities for visual and performing arts enable students to develop their creative potential in many disciplines. Traditional areas of study are taught through an active curriculum that emphasizes experimentation, discussion, project development, and interaction with the environment.

See how the right creative environment makes anything possible.

Darrow students in action

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