Spring Term

Spring Term: Seminars in deep learning

When final exams are finished in May, Darrow students say goodbye to the regular class schedule and say hello to weeklong mandatory Spring Term seminars. 

Providing intensive, hands-on, exciting learning experiences, Spring Term takes students into new learning environments, such as exploring a Costa Rican rainforest, rafting river rapids and examining Anasazi ruins in Utah, or volunteering on the Hudson River Clearwater Sloop. 

Other students remain campus-based, but with local excursions or sessions with visiting experts. One recent seminar group worked with a guest filmmaker to learn film craft and make their own movie. Another explored the program From Farm to Fork by visiting nearby organic farms and the kitchens of local chefs. 

With opportunities for cultural immersion, sustainability efforts, apprenticeships and service, Spring Term is experiential learning at its optimum.